A preposition is a word that connects one thing with another, showing how they are related. Some prepositions tell you about position or place.

  1. Dad always keeps his wallet in the drawer.
  2. There is a long mirror on the wall.
  3. The school is near the park.
  4. There is an old castle on the hill.
  5. The horse jumped over the hurdle.

A preposition is usually followed by a noun or pronoun.

  1. We get up in the morning.
  2. We go to bed at night.
  3. It’s always hot in summer.
  4. The movie starts at two in the afternoon.
  5. Autumn begins in September.
  6. They were married in 1990.
  7. Joe arrived after me.
  8. It has not rained at all for two weeks.
  9. Breakfast is served at seven o’clock.
  10. Kevin and Joe have been in the same
  11. class since first grade.



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