Verbs: Most verbs are action words. They tell you what people, animals or things are doing.


act, jump, bake, move, bend, pull, buy, run, lend, enjoy
close, shout, cook, sing, cross, sit, fall, slide, eat, like, collect
fly, stand, go, start, grow, swim, hop, walk, snow, wash, take

Example in Simple Present Tense:

  • Mary enjoys singing.
  • Peter sometimes lends me his bike.
  • Cows eat grass.
  • Monkeys like bananas.
  • Tom collects stamps.
  • The earth goes around the sun.
  • It often snows in winter.
  • We always wash our hands before meals.
  • We eat three meals a day.
  • Father takes the dog for a walk every morning.

Other Examples:

  • We join the senior scout troop in July this year.
  • My big brother leaves school at 4 o’clock.
  • The new supermarket opens next Friday.
  • The new grammar book comes out in September.
  • Grandad retires next year.
  • We fly to London next Thursday.
  • The plane lands at 5:30 P.M.
  • We move to our new house in a month.
  • My big sister begins her summer job next week.



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